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About 1976 2 Dollar Bills

Many people believe the U.S. Mint no longer produces the rare 2 dollar bill, since these bills only make up 1 percent of the total paper currency made by the Mint. The fact that the U.S. Mint stopped production in 1966 only to re-release the 1976 2 dollar bill 10 years later in an effort to reduce costs also adds to the myth of the cancelled 2 dollar bill. It is easy to tell the 1976 bill apart from its predecessors, mainly due to the fact that these bills replace the previous design of Monticello, Jefferson's home, with that of "The Declaration of Independence" design by John Trumbull. Highly popular among the vast inventory on eBay are the "first day issue" bills, which mean these were the original notes produced by the U.S. Mint in 1976. Those listed as "with stamp" refer to bills that bear the U.S. Post Office stamp of "APR 13 1976." The 1976 2 dollar bill remains popular with collectors regardless of whether or not it bears a stamp as a rare example of seldom-seen bank notes.

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