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About 1972 Camaro

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The year 1972 was an interesting one for Camaros, where worker strikes and doubts in the longevity of the design nearly led to the model's ending. Yet, the second generation of Camaros survived, making a 1972 Camaro an enviable find in the classic auto market. Less than 70,000 of these cars exist, although you can easily spot them if you come across one. The Z/28 badging is revised to just "Z28," omitting the forward slash. This is the last year that you can find SS 396 and SS 350 models, and SS 396s, in particular, are extremely rare, since Chevy only made about a thousand of them in 1972. If you are interested in the original powertrain configurations for 1972 Camaros, you may be somewhat disappointed, however. During this period in the Camaro's history, power ratings dropped every year due to decreasing compressions and more stringent emission standards. The 1972 Chevrolet Camaro is no exception. Because of this, you can see that the 1972 specifications seriously decrease from the previous production year. The 350ci LT1 engine originally produces an impressive 330 horsepower, but then drops in 1972 to only 255 net horsepower. Similarly, the 396/400 big block goes from a sizable 300 horsepower to merely 240 horsepower in 1972. Regardless, it is an interesting production year for second generation Camaros and looking through the vast inventory on eBay is a great way to find these classic muscle cars. You can also find 1972 Camaro parts, if you need them.