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About 1970 Torino

When you think about dream cars, American muscle cars are some of the most popular vehicles to come to mind. Ford's 1970 Torino is the top car on many peoples list for their ideal collection. The Torino, which started out as slightly more upscale model of the Fairlane, became one of the most popular cars of that era. The 1970 Torino saw a lot of changes to the body style. This was the year the classic look most people associate with the Torino was developed. The top performance model was the 1970 Torino Cobra. The Cobra paved the way for many other versions over the years, which would lay the ground work for Ford's NASCAR success. One of the most popular parts sold for restoring this model car is the 1970 Torino hood. The hood for this year model was long, while the car itself had a long deck, or body. Whether you're looking for parts to fix up your old Torino or looking to purchase a full car, there are a wide variety of choices from the reliable sellers on eBay.