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About 1967 Impala

In the hit show, "Supernatural," two demon hunters named Sam and Dean drive across the country in a black 1967 Impala to a steady soundtrack of classic tunes. The car sees its fair share of demons, vampires, ghosts, and other monsters and helps save the world on more than one occasion. Your classic Impala may not be the getaway car in an epic monster hunt, but it is still a cool ride. Chevy introduced the model in 1958, but the fourth coupe and convertible models of the 1960s are truly legendary. The 1967 Impala model features Coke-bottle styling, making it a serious competitor to the Mustang or the Corvette in the sports car world. These cars have powerful V8 engines with lots of horsepower, which makes them a lot of fun to drive. The 1967 Impala trim and other details lend the car some serious retro cool. Whether you want a black Impala like the one in "Supernatural" or you are a fan of the model, sellers on eBay offer plenty of these classic cars. You can also find a wide variety of parts, such as 1967 Impala hoods and bumpers, to help you fix up your awesome ride.