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About 1967 GTO

The 1967 GTO blasts past the silver screen. You clenched your seat as Xander Cage shoots a harpoon and thwarts the destruction of the nearby city. The "XXX" movie reignited the love for the muscle bound Pontiac GTO using its bad-to-the-bone style to match Cage's attitude. Although the real GTO has no ejection seats, rocket launchers, or machine guns, it still remains one of Pontiac's trend-setting cars. The GTO features a 6.5-liter 389 V8 engine. The engine's power output ranges from the economy model rated at 267 hp, the standard model at 335 hp, and the sport model at 360 hp and 438 lb-tq. The GTO is available as a hardtop, convertible, or sport-coupe. All trims have a variety of different drivetrain options. The two-speed automatic transmission makes for easy cruising, but the three-speed Turbo Hydramatic TH-400 uses a dual-gate shifter that allows you to switch between auto or manual drive gears. The 1967 GTO steering wheels are energy absorbing and rid the cabin of outside vibrations. 1967 GTO parts are available on eBay. Stop dreaming and get yourself into the muscle car that took the 2002 Silver screen by storm.