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About 1967 Ford Galaxie

The long, sleek body of a gleaming 1967 Ford Galaxie rolls down roads like a picture of perfection in American automotive engineering. This is the generation in which you can find the Galaxie 500 seven-liter models, a performance option that features the 428-cubic-inch Thunderbird V-8 engine. This is also the year in which the seven-liter does not carry the Galaxie name, so they are separately identified. You can spot these cars by some subtle exterior features, like trim characteristics, particularly in the horn ring and dashboard. Also look at the Vehicle Identification Number, which features a "Q" for these particular models. In fact, 1967 was a diversified year for the Galaxie line, as the XL option also gains its own distinction, as does the LTD. These models use the same engines, so the powertrain options do not differentiate as much as the trims. The 240-cubic-inch six-cylinder and the 428-cubic-inch V-8 are standard in these models. You can appreciate the 1967 versions for its subtle stylistic changes – the grille has a major bend in the center, alleviating the strict boxy feel of the 1966 models. The vast inventory on eBay has plenty of options for your perusal so you can bring a classic 1967 Ford Galaxie into your life.