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About 1965 Thunderbird

As you cruise along the highway in your classic Thunderbird, you understand the irresistible appeal of the car's combination of performance and luxury. The 1965 Thunderbird celebrates the car's 10th anniversary as the original personal luxury car with a powerful engine; comfortable ride; long, lean silhouette; and rows of chrome detail. Introduced as Ford's answer to Chevrolet's Corvette, the Thunderbird created a new category for marketing cars. Its legacy remains part of pop culture history through the music and movies that romanticize the car and the way it makes people feel when they drive it. Whether you want to find a restored 1965 Thunderbird or want to start your own project, you can find what you need through the large inventory on eBay, which contains a variety of Thunderbirds in all stages of restoration as well as 1965 Thunderbird parts, like fenders, door panels, and engines, for completing a project. You even discover an assortment of 1965 Thunderbird die-cast parts to display on the dashboard or share with your children or grandchildren. You do not have to hide your love affair with the Thunderbird. You can share it with everyone around you.