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About 1964 Thunderbird

If you love classic cars, there is a good chance that you have been dreaming of owning a 1964 Thunderbird. If you already own one of these iconic American cars, you may be in the market for 1964 Thunderbird parts to make sure your beloved car stays up and running for the long haul. Even though this model year was produced more than 50 years ago, it has plenty of die-hard fans that keep it relevant and in demand all these years later. The first model of the fourth generation of the classic car, the 1964 Ford Thunderbird is a large, long car with a strongly linear, squared-off appearance. This T-Bird was made in both a hard top and a convertible style, and it comes with two rows of seats and two heavy, long doors. With its classic midcentury styling, this classic car is quite an eye catcher. There is a vast inventory of 1964 Thunderbird parts and cars on eBay, including some refurbished road-ready T-Birds that will be ready to roll the moment you get those keys in your hand.