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About 1964 Mint Sets

The 1964 quarter and half dollar look identical to their modern counterparts when placed side by side, but the real difference lies in the 90 percent silver content of the older coins, which the U.S. Mint would later replace with cheap metal alloys. Both coins appear in the 1964 Mint set, along with a penny, nickel, and dime. Every year the U.S. Mint releases sets of the coins produced that year for collectors in either uncirculated or proof coin versions. eBay lists hundreds of 1964 Mint sets for sale, and buyers need to pay attention to the small differences between these items to obtain a complete collection. The 1964 U.S. Mint set comes in two different versions for the two separate mint facilities. The 1964 P Mint Set contains a set of five coins made at the Philadelphia mint, while the D set contains the same five coins produced at the Denver facility. A very lucky collector might even end up with the super-rare "Accented Hair" Kennedy half dollar, only produced during the first print run in 1964 and worth a small fortune to coin collectors.