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About 1963 Nova

Compact in size but not in number of attributes, the 1963 Nova has wooed automobile aficionados for over fifty years. Chevrolet introduced a revolutionary design with the 1963 release of the Nova, which not only defined a unique style, but also gave owners an aerodynamically-designed car that allowed air to move up, down, and all around the vehicle. Chevrolet hit a home run when company engineers created the 1963 Nova convertible, one of the first cars that allowed owners to lower the roof and enjoy the wind against their faces. Several other car manufacturers followed the design lead of the Chevy Nova convertible, and most of the design elements remain in place in today's convertible car models. The classic sports coupe possesses Powerglide, which enables the car to reach over 90 miles per hour in seconds. By firmly grasping the 1963 Nova steering wheel, you can expect to feel no wavering at such high speeds. Many critics at the time of 1963 Nova?s release compared the car's design to that of a standard Mercedes Benz. So enjoy the look and feel of a Mercedes Benz but at much lower prices, by shopping with the one of the reliable sellers on eBay who offers a 1963 Chevrolet Nova in mint condition.