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About 1963 Half Dollars

Ben Franklin's profile stares off into the distance, as if perhaps he can see the cracked Liberty Bell on the opposite side of the coin. The 1963 Franklin Half Dollar is the final year of production for this coin and it is a good introductory coin for collectors. First, it uses 90 percent pure silver, so even if the coin's value as a collectible item does not increase; it is still valuable due to the silver inside. Secondly, since there are not any rare varieties of this coin, it is affordable enough for any coin collection. The enormous selection on eBay goes above and beyond the regular 1963 Franklin Half Dollar. There is the 1963 D Franklin Half Dollar, which bears the "D" mintmark for the Denver mint. Then there is the 1963 Franklin Half Dollar proof coin, which is rarer than the circulated and uncirculated coins and therefore slightly more valuable. However, even the proof version is surprisingly affordable, making this particular coin a wise investment for collectors.

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