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About 1963 Ford Falcon

The roar of the engine; a sleek, responsive ride; and the thrill of owning a piece of classic Ford auto history are yours with the 1963 Ford Falcon. The perfect blend of style and function, this car was built to last with its 360 horsepower engine and steel frame. The Falcon debuted in 1960 and had three generations that were actively produced until 1970. During that second generation, Ford introduced the 1963 Ford Falcon Futura. With enhanced trim, welded frame connections, and torque box plate steel, the Futura and the 1963 1/2 Falcons were the early models for the Ford Mustang. Trusted sellers on eBay have an excellent selection of Falcons available, from road-ready cars to sweet restoration projects. If you already own one of these beauties and are looking for 1963 Ford Falcon parts, sellers can help with that as well. Seats, taillights, and radiator caps are just a few of the parts available for repairing or restoring. Make your dream to own a 1963 Ford Falcon an exciting reality.

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