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About 1962 Topps

The 1962 Topps baseball card set was a fine vintage option and included some of the biggest names that baseball has ever known. The man who once said, "Nothing's ever been as fun as baseball," Mickey Mantle, clearly had never tried to collect a whole 1962 Topps PSA graded set. The boys of summer were in top form that year as they celebrated Babe Ruth’s 60th birthday, a birthday that even got its own card: the 1962 Topps 139. No baseball team would be complete without its rookie selections, no matter how many big hitters it has. The Rookie Outfielders cards on eBay feature legends like Manny Jiminez, Howie Goss, and Jim Hickman. These cards are perfect to put safely in display cases so that you can show off your historical knowledge of your favorite Major League Baseball team. Baseball fan or not, anyone can appreciate the talents of card number 200, Mickey Mantle, and his place in American history. Once you have completed this classic card collection, can you step up to the plate of starting on 1963? Batter up.

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