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About 1959 Topps

The 1959 Topps Football series featured some of the brightest lights of the era. That NFL season, Johnny Unitas was named MVP, and legendary Green Bay headman Vince Lombardi was named coach of the year. There were 176 unique football cards printed in the Topps 1959 collection, the most it had ever printed up to that point. Players in the 1959 Topps Football series were shown in full-body or head-and-shoulders shots laid over a solid color backdrop with a white border. The back of the card contained the usual statistics and biography, but its most important feature was a scratch-off tidbit of player trivia. Collectors should note that the unscratched cards are considered more valuable than scratched. Teams were also given their own cards in the Topps 1959 series, one featuring the team logo and another featuring the team pennant. Collectors can find a large inventory of 1959 Topps PSA 8 cards from reliable sellers on eBay.

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