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About 1959 Impalas

Few vehicles are as American as classic Chevrolets, with their long bodies, stylish designs, and comfortable interiors. The 1959 Impala is a great example of this tradition. The 1959 Impala is a completely restyled successor to the first generation vehicle. It is both longer and wider than the previous model, with a high curb weight. The Impala is known for its outward tail fins, which trail behind the car in a recognizable design. The 1959 Chevy Impala comes with a number of different body options, ranging from a 2-door convertible to a 4-door sedan. Of course, many of the features characteristic of the popular conception of a classic car are specific to convertibles, and many Impala convertibles still drive today. You can find them in the vast inventory on eBay, in addition to parts and merchandise. Modern, souped-up versions include 1959 Impala NOS editions, with added speed and power. The original Impala comes with V6 and V8 engines, delivering quite the thrust for travel. The 1959 Impala stands as a paragon of the classic car world.