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About 1958 Topps

The vintage era of sports does not get much better than 1958, with names such as Hank Aaron and Ed Bouchee gracing the field. It is in this spirit of the game that the 1958 Topps collection was created. Commemorating some of the best names not only of the era but of all time, many of these cards carry a value beyond money alone. There is a sense of time gone past, a golden age in baseball to some, long before the modern scandals and scientific approaches to the sport. Sheer guts and glory brought the day to a game-winning end, and the baseball heroes of yesteryear had these in spades. If this type of baseball speaks to you, then these cards will too. Available on eBay from reliable sellers, the 1958 Topps cards bring all the old-boys to life in the palm of your hand. Whether it is the 1958 Jim Brown card you seek or the entire set, you can find them here. From the 1958 Topps Mickey Mantle 150 and more, hold a piece of baseball history in your hand and revel in the vintage look and feel of these cards.

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