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About 1957 Silver Certificates

Once upon a time, you could exchange a 1957 silver certificate for cold, hard, silver. Those days are no more. Instead, this series of certificates carries an intrinsic value slightly greater than the face value. Sure, you can take your certificate into your favorite fast food joint and exchange it for a meal. It might even seem worth it at the time, but is that really how you want to spend the last series of certificates ever issued? For 1957, only certificates in one-dollar denominations were issued. Because this series is the most recent and the most produced, regularly circulated dollar certificates do not hold as high a value as other series and years. However, uncirculated 1957 silver certificates are rarer and therefore more desirable. Also, look for silver certificates that have a serial number beginning with a star note—these special issue certificates fetch a premium. Find a 1957 silver certificate from reliable sellers on eBay and add it to your collection, because even though it is technically money, it doesn’t mean you should actually spend it.