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About 1952 Fords

In the middle of the 20th century, the range of Ford automobiles ruled both the streets and the farm fields, and with its compilation of classic designs mixed with impressive feats of engineering from the 1950s, the 1952 Ford stands as a vintage vehicle that is sure to impress. Featuring many different models from this time, including the Mainline, Customline, Crestline Victoria, and many more, you can transport back to the spirit of "American Graffiti" and to the innovative designs of this time period with your own iconic Ford car. Additionally, in most of these vehicles, you could experience a flight-style control panel, standard controls such as a voltmeter and gas gauge, jet intake corner markers, and a single center bullet grill. In addition to these impressive designs that were standard to the time, most of the early 1950 Ford vehicles could reach around 15 mpg from a 3,500 cc engine. No matter whether you are looking for 1952 Ford truck parts or whether you actually want to purchase a 1952 Ford car, your ticket to the past can be found the high-quality, vintage condition from among the listings on eBay. There’s no better way to head back into the golden years of the automotive industry than with your very own 1952 Ford.