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About 1948 Chevy Truck

Sleeker, stronger, and more spacious, the 1948 Chevrolet truck burst onto the market after World War II. This pickup is part of the Advance Design series, but you need to look pretty hard to find differences between the 1948 and 1947 models, as they are almost identical right down to the 1948 Chevy truck grille. If you have long-legged passengers, they may notice that the 1948 truck offers a little more leg room in the center, which comes about because of the relocation of the gearshift lever from the floor to the steering column. Among a few handy features is the parking brake that you can activate using a pedal by your left foot. The vehicle's engine is more durable than earlier models, with precision main bearings. The car has a frame-mounted fuel tank that some drivers believe interferes with certain body chassis types, and you can look for a later Chevrolet model where the tank is inside the cab if you prefer that style. You can search the vast inventory on eBay for 1/2, 3/4, or 1-ton 1948 Chevrolet trucks and replacement parts, such as a 1948 Chevy truck radiator, so you can get many more productive driving years out of this classic vehicle.