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About 1947 Fords

Fans of the 1947 Ford may not agree which model is the best, but they can all agree that this was a great year for classic cars. Even though the design did not change much from the year previous, there were a few little details that make a world of difference for collectors, those folks that appreciate a solidly built vehicle with beautiful rounded fat fenders. The reliable sellers on eBay are the same way with their favorite styles as well. Those that appreciate the 1947 Ford Coupe will be pleasantly surprised with the offerings, anything from frames, parts, and even fully-loaded, totally-restored cars with a sleek sloping back. If your tastes run more to the 1947 Ford truck, you will not be disappointed either with just as many choices, from mint condition to project truck and many of the parts in between, 1947 Ford fans have much from which to choose.

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