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About 1947 Chevy Truck

Just because World War II was on did not mean Chevrolet stopped making trucks, but since truck models did not change very much from 1941 and 1942 models, 1947 Chevy trucks mark a serious style change in Chevy's history. This was the genesis year of the Advance Design series, revered for a curved, classic exterior shape. Advance Design trucks did not change much over the course of their evolution up to 1955, when the Task Force series succeeded it, so 1947-1953 Chevy Trucks may be difficult to distinguish from each other as you browse through the vast inventory on eBay. However, you can spot a 1947 Chevy truck by distinct features. The gasoline tank filler neck, for instance, should be located on the passenger side of the bed, and there should be a vacancy of vent windows on the doors. The truck should also have hood side emblems, reading "Chevrolet" with either "Thriftmaster" or "Loadmaster" under it, depending on the model. Advance Design series trucks come in three variations, the half ton, three quarter ton, and full ton, although you may have trouble figuring which variation. An easy way around this is to find the serial number. The initials, FP, FR, and FS correspond to the half-ton, three quarter-ton, and full-ton versions, respectively. There are plenty more Advance Design series trucks to check out besides the 1947 models, obviously, so be sure to browse through the other 1947-1954 Chevy trucks as well.