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About 1946 Chevy Truck

When you need to choose your weapon, opt for a 1946 Chevy truck. With their sturdy build and reliable engines, Chevy trucks served as the first American military vehicles, escorting soldiers to battles overseas during World War II. These days, you may not load your 1946 Chevy truck with ammunition, medical supplies, and surplus food, but it is still fun to drive. These trucks belong to the category of lightweight trucks. They feature a front cabin with two standard seats and a small jumper seat in the middle, perfect for squeezing in a little kid or your dog. These trucks feature a long and narrow hood. Beneath the surface lies a front-mounted engine and a host of electrical components. The hood tapers to a sharp V-shape front, which features a glistening silver chrome plate with ventilation panels, forming a horizontal shape. A center silver grille lies below, adding character with its long vertical panels. The grille attaches to large, round front fenders, which rise high off of the ground. Equally large and ornate fenders cover the back tires and a small open cab with rims rounds off the back end. The large inventory on eBay makes it easy to search for small parts, like 1946 Chevy truck headlights. You can find larger components too, like 1946 Chevy truck windshields, along with other goods and gadgets to keep your classic on the road.