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About 1945 Pennies

Enhance your coin collection with one of the most famous pennies in history, featuring a picture of one of the most famous presidents in history, when you purchase a 1945 penny. Known as the wheat penny, it features a picture of a bushel of wheat on the flip side, in honor of the nation's farming industry. A 1945 penny with damage only commands a few cents, but one in mint condition may command several dollars. Keep your penny in sleeves, books, or specialized envelopes for protection. In 1945, the United States also still minted half pennies and their rarity in the 21st century world makes them highly sought-after collector's items. Find wheat pennies, 1945 half pennies, and even 1945 Canadian pennies in the large inventory on eBay. Choose pennies that come with their own glass or plastic cases, with the pennies positioned on white cushions. Pick a lot of pennies or single pennies on their own to add to your rare coin stash. Give your coin collection a boost with a perfectly shiny 1945 penny.