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About 1945 Dime

Minted for just under three decades, the Mercury Dime saw circulation for some of the more troubled years in the United States. The 1945 Mercury Dime was the final time the design saw minting before being retired. The silver coin carries a highly distinctive design that, contrary to its name, actually doesn't depict Mercury. Knowledgeable collectors will more readily recognize it as a 1945 Liberty Dime instead as it depicts the goddess Liberty in a winged cap instead. Notably, these Liberty dimes tend towards being highly worn through use and only a comparative handful is available in the mint condition collectors prize most. Whether you're looking for an almost like new D Mercury Dime, named so due to being minted in Denver, or simply a pre-loved, if well circulated, version for a more basic collection, eBay's reliable sellers have each of these available more. While some coins may not quite shine as much as they used to, the 1945 Mercury Dime remains an interesting piece for any collector's collection.