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About 1942 Dimes

Your love of coin collecting melds perfectly with your fascination of the Roman gods, and your 1942 Mercury dime collection is one of your favorites. The first one you found was a 1942 D Mercury dime, the "D" designating that it was minted in Delaware. Since then, you have managed to grab others, sometimes referred to as 1942 Liberty dimes. Terminology can be quite confusing, which is why trustworthy reference books are invaluable. You have been on the lookout for a 1942 P Mercury dime, meaning it was minted in Philadelphia. Since that is where you were born, it holds a special place in your heart. Running around from store to store in search of this elusive 1942 Mercury dime is not your idea of fun. You are happy to sit at home on your couch and do all of your shopping on eBay. There are many reliable sellers offering a variety of different coins, which makes it possible for you to find just the right one to add to your collection.