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About 1939 World's Fair

Capture the world of tomorrow envisioned long ago at the 1939 World's Fair. The fair is long since closed and its tomorrows have become yesterdays, but its memorabilia can still recreate the feelings of those lost tomorrows. This was the last hurrah of the Art Deco future that never came to pass, and collectibles like World's Fair posters are a great way to capture that style in your home. The two great icons of the Fair were the Trylon and Perisphere, a 200-foot sphere and 700-foot tower, respectively. Both painted white, they were the only buildings on the grounds allowed to use this color. It was forbidden for every other building. Despite their iconic appearance, the two buildings were only temporary structures, and their steel skeletons ended up going for the war effort. Whether you want posters or World's Fair pins, there are plenty of sellers on eBay who can help you find the perfect piece to commemorate yesterday's tomorrow. Reconnect with a future that once thrilled the entire world with your own piece of history.

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