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About 1936 Half Dollars

You blow the dust off the old box as you pull it down from the attic shelf. As you open its delicate lid, you remember nights spent poring over the contents of this box with your grandfather as he explained the history behind the 1936 half dollar and the other coins in his collection. The selection on eBay includes a wide variety of half dollars for sale, and if you are looking for a 1936 half dollar, you can find several varieties. The 1936 Walking Liberty half dollar features a detailed design of Lady Liberty walking in front of the sun. Another historic design is the 1936 Long Island half dollar, which was made to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the first European settlement on Long Island. You can even find a 1936 half dollar with a matching display case to show off the coin in your home. Convenient shipping options make it easy to get your purchase quickly.