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About 1935 Silver Certificates

Loose change is undesirable in part because of its lesser value, but mainly because carrying it around is cumbersome. The U.S. Treasury found a solution to this and offered a paper alternative: a 1935 silver certificate. Back in the day, this piece of paper meant something. It meant that if you walked up to a bank, the teller had to exchange it for real silver coins, or when that went out of fashion, silver bullion. Now, it means that you have a piece of paper worth slightly more than the amount printed on it. A 1935 silver certificate is a good first step to collecting these certificates, because there remain quite a few in circulation. Build a whole collection of one-dollar certificates, starting with 1935 A all the way up through 1935 H. While you?re at it, add in a Hawaii certificate and a star note?all of which you can find from reliable sellers on eBay. What are you waiting for? This is money you can buy.