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About 1932 Quarters

When it comes to owning every quarter ever produced by the United States Mint, you will need to get a 1932 quarter in your collection. These coins, also known as silver Washington quarters, are a popular option. Minted from 1932 through 1964, many collectors want that first striking of the coin. This coin has a great deal of history. Designed by John Flanagan, it celebrated the bicentennial of the birth of George Washington, the country's first president. Initially, Congress sought a half-dollar coin for this purpose, but ultimately, this did not happen. Having a 1932 D quarter or a 1932 P quarter in your collection can make it very valuable, simply because it is the first striking of these pieces. When you simply must have it, the 1932 quarter is available from the reliable sellers on eBay. It is not the most valuable coin, but it is a very cool piece to have in your collection with its depth of history.