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About 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

One of the most recognizable coins ever minted by the United States, the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar possesses a storied history and a rich future in the hands of both collectors and museums. The design is simple and classic, featuring a ring of stars surrounding the profiled head of Liberty, personified as a young woman in Greek dress with an olive branch in her hair. On the reverse side, and eagle sits proudly with wings on either side in classic American fashion. The coin earns its name from its designer, George Morgan, who goes down in history for creating one of the country's most cherished coins. The coin now lives on in the hands of collectors, and it is worth quite a lot more than a dollar. With a composition ratio of 90 percent silver to 10 percent copper, it is not surprising to see the coin gain value as it has. The coin weighs just over 26 grams. An uncirculated coin is priced the highest, with values that can double that of a merely 'good' rating. Many different dollars can be found, with the 1921 D Morgan Silver Dollar being just one example. You can find many variations of the coin on eBay. The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar makes a great addition to any collection.