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About 1916 Quarters

When they were first minted, 1916 quarters were mere pocket change, but today they are treasured collector's items. There were originally two classic coins in circulation, the Barber and Standing Liberty quarters. Made of 10 percent copper and 90 percent silver, the 1916 Barber quarter has become worn with age, but a coin in good condition with crisp details and a sharp finish is valuable. That is an investment that would have astounded its designer, Charles E. Barber, chief engraver at the U.S. mint from 1879 through 1917. Barber's design did not receive many accolades, but it became an iconic piece of Americana. The coin that succeeded it, the 1916 Standing Liberty quarter, is even more valuable if it is in fine condition. Buyers know that the best place to improve their collection is eBay. The reliable sellers have 1916 quarters in excellent condition; precious pieces of American history, and no one knows what they may be worth tomorrow.