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About 1912 Nickel

The collector twists and turns the small silver 1912 nickel in his hands, pausing to look for the all-important mintmark on the coin's reverse side. These coins, often called Liberty nickels or V nickels because of the Roman numeral for five printed on the reverse image, are very collectible because they are rare in the early dates. The 1912 V nickel is the final one of the series and by itself is not particularly rare, although collectors do need it to complete their set of V nickels. However, the 1912 S Liberty nickel bearing the tiny "S" mintmark from the San Francisco mint is a very valuable coin. Even in good condition with some wear on the design, it commands high prices, and uncirculated versions of this coin are worth a small fortune. There are plenty of listings for the 1912 nickel on eBay from reliable sellers, including the rarer "S" nickels that all collectors want to own as the centerpiece of their Liberty nickel collection.