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About 19" Rack

Ah, standardization—it truly is a wonderful thing when it comes to high-tech equipment. One of the most convenient tech-world standardizations has to be the 19-inch rack. This enclosure enables you to mount various pieces of equipment together, with each piece having a front panel that's 19 inches wide. All kinds of high-tech equipment devices, from audio amplifiers to servers, use this standard, making it easy to keep pieces together in a tidy, stable configuration. A 19-inch rack cabinet is enclosed, helping you keep your equipment clean and safe. Furthermore, a 19-inch server rack might employ an open design to provide easy access to the cables connecting the various units in the configuration. Whether the rack is open or enclosed, 2 feet tall or 6, you can always count on it being 19 inches wide. Whatever type of high-tech equipment you need to organize, you can find a new or pre-owned 19-inch rack on eBay to help you do it. With the right rack on hand, managing your studio or network becomes a whole lot more convenient.