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About 18K Pocket Watches

The advent of the digital age has greatly reduced the need for a watch, but, for antique collectors and lovers of history, an 18K pocket watch is an extremely desirable product. And, for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and quality in watches, a Waltham 18K pocket watch screams sophistication and style for its owner. The Waltham Watch Co. produced high-quality designs from 1850 to 1957, and the company's watches are still highly desirable today. Depending on your budget, you can find solid gold, as well as gold-plated watches. If you are purchasing a pocket watch, you also want to ensure you include an 18K pocket watch chain to complement your elegant timepiece. If you would like to add a high-quality 18K pocket watch to your collection, make sure to check eBay first. It has a large collection of watches from a variety of reliable sellers, so it is easy to find the right pocket watch to fit your needs.

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