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About 18K Gold Earrings

You love your gold jewelry, and because of that you know that pure, 24k gold is just too soft: you'll take a pair of 18k gold earrings instead, thank you very much. At 75 percent gold, 18k jewelry offers the best in terms of value and durability: the remaining 25 percent of metal in your earrings comes from usually silver and/or copper (if you choose yellow gold earrings), or palladium (if you opt for white gold) that's then plated in rhodium. If you have a metal allergy, be careful of white gold: vintage 18K white gold earrings usually used nickel to obtain the mellow color. Sellers on eBay have both new and vintage 18K gold earrings for sale, so you can find the perfect style for you. It doesn't matter whether you're in a ball gown or just a t-shirt and jeans—be they simple ball studs, diamonds, hoops, or dangling chandeliers, the right pair of 18k gold earrings can make your natural beauty pop.

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