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About 1899 Silver Certificates

Miners boycotted, people protested, and lobbyists descended on Congress. all in response to the "Crime of '73" that removed the U.S. from a silver standard in 1873. All of this resulted in the release of silver certificates, like the 1899 silver certificate redeemable for silver coins, which remain popular with collectors today. One look at the intricate detail of these rare notes and it is easy to see the attraction. The Black Eagle silver certificate, for example, was only worth a dollar upon its release, but today this impressive black bald eagle note easily fetches values over hundreds of dollars if it is very good condition. Reliable sellers on eBay list one of the largest selections of 1899 silver certificates in the world, including examples from multiple currency denominations. The 1899 2-dollar silver certificate, for example, features the steely profile of George Washington on the front, and if it is still in good condition you can make out the patterned swirls and scrolls in bright green on the back of the note. Discover the fantastic versions of these old, historic certificates for your collection.