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About 18-inch Dolls

Forget Barbie and Polly Pocket. Girls these days are all about the 18-inch doll. Of course, you might accredit this trend to the American Girl craze that swept the nation throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Each American girl doll represents a time from the past or a good value, and they come with all sorts of clothing, furniture, books, and accessories. Other companies also make similarly sized dolls, such as Target's Our Generation. Like the American Girl dolls, they have fabric bodies with plastic or vinyl heads and limbs. Toys 'R' Us sells the Journey Girls — Chavonne, Kyla, Meredith, Dana, Kelsey, and Callie — a group of best friends, each with a special talent. No matter which brand of doll you desire, you can find a vast inventory on eBay of both the dolls themselves and accessories that fit them all. Some are even handmade. In addition to the 18-inch girl dolls, you might find an 18-inch baby doll, such as the Madame Alexander Newborn Nursery doll, which won the 2014 Parents Choice Foundation Seal of Approval. These dolls look and feel like a real newborn baby, something little girls everywhere love.