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About 16x10 Wheels

You want to turn heads as you drive down the road, but are not sure where to start. A new set of 16x10-inch wheels do the trick as they can add unique style. The wheels, also known as rims, come in many spoke patterns including wire designs. Some have center caps that can you can change whenever you choose. All of the wheels are constructed from super-strong materials to ensure that they hold up against the weather and the road. They also come in different lug patterns to fit your vehicle. For example, you can find 16x10-inch five-lug wheels and 16x10-inch eight-lug wheels. While silver or metals finishes are the most common, you can find some with chrome finishes or machined with black paint. The options do not end with the wheels, you can find lug nuts, lug nut covers, and tires to finish the job. With such a large inventory of 16x10-inch wheels on eBay, tricking out your ride is easier than you think.