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About 16GB Micro SD Card

The world is getting smaller and it is taking storage devices with it. A 16 GB Micro SD card may be smaller than a postage stamp but it is capable of holding an incredible amount of information. You can store over a 1,000 word documents and still have enough space for your dozens of music and video files. Available among the vast inventory on eBay, 16 GB Micro SD memory cards offer a lot of compatibility with mobile devices. You can expand the memory of your camera, enabling you take more pictures and shoot videos for longer periods. You can also increase the capacity of your tablet or smartphone. Expand your connective options by buying a 16 GB Micro SD card with an adapter. It allows for direct connections to compatible laptops, printers, memory card reader and more. Lighter than a sheet of paper, 16 GB Micro SD cards are remarkably portable, which is why many business professionals rely on them when transferring information between devices. Their compact size also reduces the risks of data loss from falls or light raps. Light, portable, and fast, a micro SD card is the perfect storage vault for anyone with an active lifestyle.