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About 16-inch Wheels

Wheels can give your car a facelift while adding style and effortless appeal. Some of the most demanded 16-inch wheels appear when you browse the vast selection of them on eBay. A set of 16-inch Porsche wheels can be custom made, chrome, or forged alloy based on your preferences, while a set of 16-inch Jeep wheels can feature steel, all black alloy, and polished chrome that sets off your car's chrome package. Wheels also go by the moniker rims and come in a variety of styles that includes several designs. A wheel can feature up to ten spokes, matte graphite silver or black colors, and various diameters. Manufacturers typically design them as one piece. They are available in an assortment of finishes and styles that include European, Legendary, and Classic. Whether you need a set of 16-inch wheels to buckle the road during a road trip across the country or simply want to show off your unique style with confidence, a set of new wheels gets you going and rolling effortlessly every time.