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About 16-inch Wheel Covers

Wheel covers are multi-functional as they add style to a vehicle while also keeping the wheels protected. With an impressive inventory of 16-inch wheel covers to choose from on eBay, outfitting your ride is easier than you think. The covers come in a wide range of designs and materials. Some options include full or partial lug types. This gives you the versatility of covering more than just the lug nuts. Plastic and unpolished metal are the most common construction materials, but you can find some with chrome finishes. This allows you to find the set that blends in with your vehicle's appearance. Some searching even lands you black, light-up, or decorated covers. If you want to show pride for your car or truck, add a center cap to the cover of your choice. The options are not limited to the car. You can also locate 16-inch RV wheel covers and 16-inch trailer wheel covers. You can choose between a single cover, or purchase them in sets of two and four. With a 16-inch wheel covers, you can enhance the look of your ride and minimize internal damage.