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About 16 Gauge Wires

Finishing with the last connection, you switch on your car stereo, and the sound is smooth and clear. Using 16-gauge wire, you wired the whole system. While not as heavy as 12- or 14-gauge wire, 16-gauge wire works perfectly with a home or car audio system, providing the right amount of impedance to produce a great stereo sound, as long as the length of the wire is less than 50 feet. Reliable sellers on eBay offer an immense selection of wire including 16-gauge solid wire, useful in the construction of buildings. You can also buy 16-gauge craft wire to use in a variety of craft projects including aluminum, brass, and other metals in different colors. Just make sure you use the correct wire for your needs and only use the best-quality wiring when working on audio projects. Get started on installing that new car stereo or working on that craft project by using the large variety of 16-gauge wire available.