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About 16-inch Ape Hangers

A motorcycle's handlebars not only help you steer the bike, but they also hold the rear view mirrors as well as the throttle, brake, clutch, light, and horn controls. Of the many handlebar types, none are as recognizable as tall, bold 16-inch ape hangers. Made famous in the 1969 movie "Easy Rider," ape hangers rise high above chopper bikes. The measurement identifies the height above the mount, also called the rise. The highest commercial ape hangers measure 24 inches above the mount. For the owner of a chopper or a cruiser such as a Road King, Road King16-inch ape hangers allow the rider's hands to hang at shoulder or head height. When a chopper has a high-angle rake, or angle back toward the seat, some of the handlebar height becomes modified and reaches back to the rider. You can find a wide variety of 16-inch ape hangers on eBay, including kits and finished handlebars with a chrome or blackout finish. When looking for Sportster 16-inch ape hangers, look for handlebars that not only have the rise you want, but also the pullback, or measurement behind the mount where the grips sit. When you are ready to ride, a good set of ape hangers bring the attitude in style.