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About 16.5-inch Wheels

Wheels go a long way in helping your car stay stylish and functional. With such a vast inventory of 16.5-inch wheels on eBay, you can get your ride ready for your next trip. The wheels are made from long-lasting metal materials such as steel. These materials ensure that the wheels stay free from rust and other types of corrosion. They can also handle the load that the car puts on them. The wheels come in many styles such as semi-tangent and wire spoke. They also come made with different lugs, so you can find what meets your vehicle's needs. For instance, you can pick up 16.5-inch eight-lug wheels or 16.5-inch six-lug wheels. Many colors and finishes are available, with chrome and black being the most common. Some even have colored accents such as red inner rims. For even more fun, you can find wheels with built-in solar-powered LED lights. This ensures that you are noticed when cruising down the open road. With a set of 16.5-inch wheels, your car can look as awesome as it drives.