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About 14k Gold Wedding Band

The dress is altered, the flowers are ordered, the caterer is selected, and the venue is booked—now all you need is the bling. More than half of brides choose a 14K gold wedding band for themselves or their spouse. However, basing your ring choice on looks alone is like choosing your groom from a stack of pictures. Your ring should complement and respect your lifestyle. A 14K solid gold wedding band is great for those who play sports or music because it can form and shape to be comfortable on your hand. Often, couples select a 14K gold wedding band set, which provides a simple option for him, and a coordinating band for her. When selecting a new or used wedding band on eBay, always inspect seller pictures for the quality markings on the inside of the ring. There should be a manufacturer's trademark and the quality mark indicating a true 14K gold wedding band. Wedding bands are an outward symbol of your never-ending love. Choose one that makes your special day complete and marks the beginning of the rest of your life.

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