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About 14K Gold Earrings

Who knew that earrings and amulets appeared as early as in biblical history? These amulets and 14k gold earrings, used as remedies of enchantment and worn by both sexes, appeared in the Bible as soon as in the first book of Genesis 35:4. This terminology also refers to rings worn in the nose, suspended from the neck, and worn on the forehead. Not much has changed since ancient times as far as jewelry fashion is concerned, although locations and decoration choices for piercing have expanded. From 14k gold hoop earrings for women to men’s 14k gold earrings, the reliable sellers on eBay have the new and used jewelry that you want to add to your collection. Stud styles of 14k gold earrings and vintage earrings in both white and gold are also available to dress up any outfit. Don’t limit yourself to the classic hoop style—explore designs both new and old to add flair to any outfit.