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About 14k Gold Cross

You have a special event coming up, and you want a classy, stylish necklace to wear. A simple 14K gold cross on a delicate chain stands out without being flashy and over the top. A 14K gold cross necklace adds a bit of sparkle and color to your look, but it is not so bold that it distracts from the rest of your outfit. This jewelry is the perfect piece to pull all the elements of your look together in an understated way that still gets attention. A 14K solid gold cross comes in both yellow and white gold. Additional accents, such as diamonds or other stones, sometimes add to the simplicity of the cross by adding sparkle and maybe even color. No matter what size or type of 14K gold cross jewelry you seek, turn to the reliable sellers on eBay to find some truly incredible deals on an immense selection of jewelry choices.