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About 14k Gold Charms

When you want wearable gold that lasts a lifetime and longer, look no further than 14k gold charms. At 58 percent gold content, 14k gold is full of lustrous shine and glimmer, but sis trong enough to hold up to daily wear. You can find hundreds of vintage 14k gold charms that have stood the test of time and look just as stunning today as the day they were crafted. Collect new and previously owned designs from eBay to create an enviable 14k gold charm bracelet boasting figures of all varieties—from tiny drawings of animals and monuments to beautiful symbols and figures that show off your personal style. You can even find 14k gold charms crafted with moveable parts, from tiny lockets to hinged creations that show off the skill of the jeweler. Imagine a beautiful collection of stunning 4k gold charms that you can pass on for generations as their value increases.