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About 14k

Your dream gift gleams in the sun and looks just right no matter what outfit you wear. Wearing 14k gold jewelry adds a classic touch to all of your evening wear and adds formality to all of your dress clothes. On eBay, you can find a vast inventory of gold jewelry. There are several available types of gold, such as white, yellow, and rose gold. The most common types of gold jewelry are white and yellow, with rose gold being less common. White gold comes in 14k, but it has 925 sterling silver mixed in to give it the whiter color. In contrast, rose gold usually contains copper to add a reddish tint. Gold jewelry comes in many different varieties that include stylish tennis bracelets, gold chains, earrings, and more. Gold earrings come in many different forms. Studs are one of the most popular forms of earrings, and they come in solid gold or you can opt for ones with gemstones. Hoops are another type of popular earrings, and are available in gold as well.