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About 14 Inch Tires

From the dirt to the pavement, a set of 14-inch tires is bound to get you there smoothly, in style, and without delay. These tires are popular on smaller, lightweight motor vehicles such as a Honda Civic or Toyota Rav4. They come in an assortment of designs, treads, and rubber blends and have multiple uses that include golf carts, off-roading, and racing. A set of 14-inch race tires can feature up to a 5-inch tread depth, a high- performance load index, and advanced cornering traction. Tires used for racing can also feature a high-temperature grip compound that makes racing safer and gives you the traction you need to pull ahead of the pack. A set of 14-inch car tires can make driving a simple pleasure by producing a smoother and more balanced ride. Everyday high-quality and performance tires can increase your gas mileage, reduce oil consumption, and provide a cushion for shock and bump absorption. Browse the vast inventory of 14-inch tires on eBay for tires that make getting from point A to point B effortless.